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Game News
Hello and Welcome to SNAFU!

We made SNAFU about a week into Rift's release. Most of the leadership/core members have been gaming together anywhere from 3-7 years over various games. Before reading further to see if this guild is right for you, know that we do not tolerate drama or elitism well, if you are the kind of person who wants to join an endgame guild so you can show off your e-peen and carry us through content because your that BA, then we really don't want you. We try to keep everything as guild/team orientated as possible and don't take kindly to anyone who would act-out to other players in a way that denotes elitism, or just to generally be rude.

Current Progression:
Gilded Prophecy - 4/4
The Drowned Halls - 4/4

Greenscale's Blight - 5/5
River of Souls - 5/5
Hammerknell - 10/11

Poine, Nirrado, Daemones, Omg
Guild News

Inwar Darktide

Nirrado1, Nov 9, 11 12:09 AM.
Tonight, November 8 we got Inwar Darktide after 4 tries!  Excellent job tonight now we only have Akylios left!

Inquisitor Garau

Nirrado1, Nov 1, 11 11:36 PM.
Good job this week guys we got Inquisitor Garau on 11-1-11!  That's our 3rd shard first in this raid week, only 2 more to go! :D

Rune King and Estrode!

Nirrado1, Oct 28, 11 9:13 AM.
I know it's been quite awhile since the last update here but it's definitely worth going a little out of the way to make a special announcement.  October 28, 2011 SNAFU got the Millrush shard first on Molinar AND Estrode in the same night!  Only 3 left to go!

Soulrender Zilas

Nirrado1, Sep 16, 11 9:08 AM.
On September 15th we got the Millrush shard first Zilas kill!  Huge grats to everybody it was a rough past couple nights but we held it together and pulled it off!


Nirrado1, Aug 6, 11 1:44 PM.
On August 4th, 2011 we got the Shard first kill for Murdantix!  Great job everybody and keep up the good work!
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